Excellence delivered

We solve IT delivery challenges through low code and automation

We deliver on your Oracle Retail programme promises

The foundation of our low code and automation approach has emerged from work for a multitude of retailers across the globe.

Our passion is innovation to increase delivery velocity and robustness, and reducing Total Costs of Ownership (TCO) – and we bring these innovations to bear for Oracle Retail implementation projects.  This promotes reliability in estimates for cost and timeframes, allowing program executives confidence in managing and meeting the expectations of program stakeholders.

Amongst these innovations are:
• repeatable project elements vested as collateral to speed up the solution decision-making
• cloud application environments addressing project initiation and delivery bottlenecks
• prototyping automation to verify solutions …
• leading seamlessly to robust data migration

As a project traverses QA toward transition and run phases we bring robust, automated validation and unit/integration testing to ensure quality and reduce operational overhead.

In so doing we ensure the agility to address new challenges is carried into the post implementation environment.

How we do it:
• Deep Solution Knowledge
• Agile ERP and Prototyping
• Cloud Platforms for Oracle Retail
• Solution Visualisation
• Solution Validation and Testing

Automating the delivery and quality of trusted data across your business

Fundamental to the performance of any organisation is making available quality data to support timely decision making – whether strategic or operational.

With opportunity and threat landscapes becoming increasingly fluid, the ability of IT partners to respond rapidly and proactively to new data requirements has become paramount in supporting organisational success.

Our data services rely upon heads-up display style capabilities to rapidly:
• model
• deploy
• extract
• ingest
• combine
• manipulate
• assess both data and data structure related objects.

Because we automate the translation of requirements to code, a single analyst will rapidly evolve a requirement from request to deployment, without the need for multiple intermediate artefacts and developers.

In combination with orchestration platform services to manage and generate chains of sequencing and dependency elfware is uniquely positioned to improve the speed and cost of your data related activities.

How we do it:
• Integrity Validation
• Data Reconciliation
• Integration
• Data Conversion / Data Migration

Solving IT delivery challenges using no/low code and Automation

At our heart we are a solution company, using decision assistance, no/low code and automation platforms to provide rapid and robust solutions to IT delivery problems.

So regardless of the application domain, we utilise our tools to rapidly assimilate problem/delivery scope and default questions (business rule, mapping, logic) to facilitate decision making.

Our tools then translate the decisions to code and our team orchestrate the execution of those modules based on dependency and threading decisions.

What we do:
• Automated End to End Testing
• Oracle Retail Batch
• elfCafé Orchestration
• elfCafé Visualisation

Providing the platform and tools for IT industrialisation

The innovation giants of the Industrial Revolution pioneered the construction of machines which had the sole purpose of making artefacts repeatably and rapidly to precise specifications ... resulting in improved precision and reliability, the ability to automate manufacturing processes, and thereby produce massive increases in production and efficiency.
This philosophy is at the core of our approach to IT delivery – building the tools to automate the creation and verification of IT deliverables, maximising speed, accuracy and robustness and minimising TCO.

How we do it:

  • elfCafé Mapping – Low Code
  • elfCafé Orchestration – Low Code
  • elfCafé Visualisation
  • elfCafé Insights
  • Mapping Collateral
  • Orchestration Collateral
  • elf Automation Framework