Automating the delivery and quality of trusted data across your business

Fundamental to the performance of any organisation is making available quality data to support timely decision making – whether strategic or operational. With opportunity and threat landscapes becoming increasingly fluid, the ability of IT partners to respond rapidly and proactively to new data requirements has become paramount in supporting organisational success.

Our data services rely upon heads-up display style capabilities to rapidly:
• model
• deploy
• extract
• ingest
• combine
• manipulate
• assess
both data and code related objects.

Because we automate the translation of requirements to code, a single analyst will rapidly evolve a requirement from request to deployment, without the need for multiple intermediate artefacts and developers.

In combination with orchestration platform services to manage and generate chains of sequencing and dependency elfware is uniquely positioned to improve the speed and cost of your data related activities.

Integrity Validation

Starting with a set of base and custom business rules, analysts will:

• Map the conditions to your data model
• Define sample size and maximum errors
• Orchestrate and schedule
• Generate and run
• Visualise Data Quality outcomes in elfCafé error reporting

With self-documenting, self-explanatory mappings, there is no need for requirements to go through the overhead of multiple handling … just configure, click and run.

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Data Reconciliation

With templates and samples to accelerate the process of comparing any datasets, we facilitate the process of reconciling source and target data for both correctness and completeness.

• Map the dataset comparisons as measures
• Break down by dimensions e.g. location, supplier, size, colour
• Generate to extract
• Visualise matrix representations of accuracy in elfCafé reconciliation reporting. We provide pre-formulated configuration templates for Oracle Retail to apply to your environments.

This gives a close representation of your retail business without the need to cycle through weeks and months of workshops.

Select a template and get a feel for how the applications will work for you.

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elfCafé extracts for the mapping of database structures directly to file formats:

• Initiate mappings from XSD, JSON Schema or table structure
• Map from database tables and columns
• Generate to flat file, XML, JSON or other target formats
• Prototype in minutes and iterate into production

We combine this robust capability to extract data from one system with a point and click ability to assimilate the payload through either file or message-based ingestion.

This turbo charges integration delivery, and our end to end automated testing capability ensures both the quality of the interfaces and their agility to evolve.

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Data Conversion/ Data Migration

We apply multiple toolsets and collateral to achieve rapid and robust data migration.

Application specific templates e.g. Oracle Retail:
          • facilitate rapid System
Configuration and Data mapping from
legacy and interim systems.

elfCafé Automation platform:
          • generate the code to deploy
your current corporate data into the
target system(s) – from Prototype all of
the way through to Cutover.
          • The same platform allows a
reverse map, facilitating verification that
integration and reports continue to work
as expected as well as supporting
solution impact analysis.

          • facilitate the creation of data
corrections and static rules.  The
persistence of versioned sets of these
data deduplications, corrections and
enrichments allows for the controlled
delivery of different dataset versions into
multiple project environments.
          • This becomes critical in complex
programmes of work in which, for
example, a testing stream activity may
need to work on one project delivery
state where integration or reporting
streams need to work on a later state to
finalise delivery.

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