We deliver on your Oracle Retail programme promises.

The foundation of our low code and automation approach has emerged from work for a multitude of retailers across the globe.

Our passion is innovation to increase delivery velocity and robustness, and reducing Total Costs of Ownership (TCO) – and we bring these innovations to bear for Oracle Retail implementation projects.  
This promotes reliability in estimates for cost and timeframes, allowing program executives confidence in managing and meeting the expectations of program stakeholders. Amongst these innovations are:

• repeatable project elements vested as collateral to speed up the solution decision-making
• cloud application environments addressing project initiation and delivery bottlenecks
• prototyping automation to verify solutions …
• leading seamlessly to robust data migration

As a project traverses QA toward transition and run phases we bring robust, automated validation and unit/integration testing to ensure quality and reduce operational overhead.

In so doing we ensure the agility to address new challenges is carried into the post implementation environment.

Deep Solution Knowledge

Our deep understanding of Oracle Retail has helped a myriad retailer to deliver complex projects,

Project Risk Mitigation 101: gather together clever, delivery focussed people … with deep knowledge … steeped in strong and efficient methodology

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Agile ERP and Prototyping

We provide pre-formulated configuration templates for Oracle Retail to apply to your environments.

This gives a close representation of your retail business without the need to cycle through weeks and months of workshops.

Select a template and get a feel for how the applications will work for you.

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Cloud Platforms for Oracle Retail

By deploying pre-configured, integrated Oracle Retail cloud environments your team can access the latest Oracle Retail solutions within hours without the delay of infrastructure teams.

Watch the impact of scenario data flowing between integrated Oracle Retail modules for an end to end picture of the solution.

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Solution Visualisation

Our low code Automation and Orchestration platform allows us to rapidly map, generate and deploy your current corporate data into your target system, allowing you to visualise the solution.

The same platform allows for reverse mapping, facilitating integration and reporting validation as well as solution impact analysis.

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Solution Validation and Testing

We have developed a library of Automated Scenario and Data Validations for Oracle Retail which perform literally hundreds of millions of validations and tests at the push of a button – iterating through business logic layer, data integrity and custom validations as required.

Readily configurable for custom logic and bespoke modules, this library represents an extraordinarily powerful lever to save time and money and to enhance the quality delivered by a project.

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