Oracle V19 - What you need to know.

Connor Cameron

Oracle Retail released their newest patch, Oracle Retail v19.0, in January 2020, marking the first major update to the Retail Merchandising System since v16.0, a touch over 3 years prior. The extensive update begs the question, should a retail organisation migrate to v19?


The answer will differ heavily based on your use of the prior Oracle Retail system. One needs to consider the notable additions and changes prior to making a decision. We’ve gone through and summarized a few of the more significant ones.


Functional Enhancements


Technical Enhancements



So, is it worth migrating to V19?


It’s a difficult question to answer holistically. Really, it’s going to depend on your organisation’s use of the RMS right now, and in the future.

For full documentation and more analysis of new Oracle Retail features in V19, see Trevor North’s article in the Cloud Generators blog here -

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